Famous Firsts

A few Firsts in our traditions:

1921Girardot Queen is Miss Mildred Wheeler whose charming personality is indeed captivating.  Central student conceived the idea, the first of its kind for such a contest. 1921 Girardot
1926:  Emil Steck is 1st President of student Council, serving 1 semester
1932:  Juvada Mackley crowned 1st Football Queen at the Thanksgiving Day game after leading the parade to Houck.
1934:  Sam Foster and LaNora Piatt named “most representative girl and boy at Central”, the first year for the award
1938:  Jack Behrens was the first student from Cape Central to go to the Sophomore Pilgrimage
           First year class favorites were selected:  10th:  Dean Pipkin and Kenneth Johnston;
           11th:  Carmen Botten and Tim O’Connell;
           12th:  Mary Lou Bohnsack and John Howard Cochran
1942: First year Senior Superlatives were selected:  Patsy Rapp, Don Poe, Norma Kies, Wilbur Neumeyer, Lee Magill Bill Blue; seniors voted when they paid for the Girardot
1958:  Mille Flentge interviewed Mrs. Roosevelt, the first time a Cape Central student interviewed a former first lady
1962:  Joe Hirsch selected as  Mr. School Spirit, the first time the award was presented
1966:  Billy Miller sang on the Ted Mack Original Amateur Hour, the first Cape Central student to appear on a national television show
1967:  Central students brought the Broadway musical "Bye Bye Birdie" to the Caruthers Street High School stage under the leadership of faculty Bill Ewing (instrumentals), Madelyn DeJournett (drama) and Judy Williams (vocals).
1971:  First year for TWIRP royalty:  Ellen Neihart and Ken Richardson (current title is Mr. and Miss CHS)
1973:  First year for Afro Club to host a ball; Gwen Squires was the queen
1976:  Two seniors were crowned as Prom Queens:  Sue Proffer and Lee Ann Thomas
1982Fall Sports Homecoming replaced Football Homecoming.  Decima Israel 
           was queen.
          Winter Sports Homecoming replaced Basketball Homecoming an all-school election selected Sherri Boeller, the first time for an all-school vote (Sherri Shirrell was selected into the Tiger Hall of Fame, 2010).
1985: Christmas Ball crowned our first King, Scott Cox with Queen Jill Wilferth 1987:  Paul Christian Schnare (1973-1987) Spirit Award: first recipient Sean Lynch
1988:  First Winter Homecoming King:  Blake Gerard reigned with Queen Darla
1989:  John Light –First student to play 1st Chair in All-State Jazz Band 
1990:  First Prom King:  Jim Wilson reigned with Jill Weber
2003:  First “King of the Jungle”:  Chris Limbaugh
2008:  Jake Pecord Memorial Scholarship (awarded by FBLA in his honor).  First           recipient:  Lindsey Pingel

2011:  Cape Central opens our first stadium!  TIGER STADIUM will host football and soccer games, Marching Band competitions and Track and Field events.